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Amerigo Dance at The Commonwealth Classic Dancesport Competition 2023

Wonderful atmosphere and great results at unforgetable Commonwealth Classic 2023 with Amerigodance students

The Commonwealth Classic (CWClassic) dancee competition was held November 2-5, 2023 at the Boston marriott Hotel in Burlington.

During all four days of the ballroom dance competition, amateur and professional dancers of all age groups competed in 6 sessions in the following styles: Night Club, Smooth, Latin, Rhythm and Standard.

AmerigoDance Studio was represented by Amanda Sinesi, Lauren Paul, Irina Shapeton, Eleanor Paglia and Jeannie Marcus. 

The organization of the competition was very professional. Every event started on time and everyone had a great time. Night Club dance competition deserves a special mention, due to the fact that all competitors appeared in animal-printed costumes.

Special thanks to Andrew and Helle for once again organizing this unforgettable dance competition in 2023.

AmerigoDance studio’s students Lauren, Amanda, Irina, Eleanor and Jeannie all showcased their skills in the Night Club event on Thursday evening, the first day of the CWClassic in the second session. The event was fantastic, all the amateur and professional dancers, teachers, students and audience enjoyed this incredible event together. To ensure a good atmosphere, the organizers announced a costume contest for the event. This year, we had to appear in an animal-printed costumes, and the dance studio that had the most creative costumes was rewarded at the end of the day. The dancers from the AmerigoDance studio all performed exceptionally, all got first and second places in their single dances.

The Night Club style is more about fun and happiness, results don’t matter so much. That evening created a good energy for the further events of the competition. This year dancers of Jani Dance proved to be the best in the costume contest, so they took home the special prize for best costume.

We want to say congratulations to them once again!

Amerigo Dance at The Commonwealth Classic Dancesport Competition 2023 Night Club Session

On Friday, our dancers showed their knowledge and talent in the 3rd session of the CWClassic in Rhythm. The competition started with single dances, where Lauren, Amanda, Eleanor and Jeannie all danced great. AmerigoDance dancers placed first or second in each single dance.

I would particularly like to mention Jeannie Marcus, who scored very high in every Proficiency category in the L-C2 age group.

After the single dances there was a competition of multi-dance event. Three of our students danced in the Bronze category. Lauren Paul took the outstanding third place out of 7 couples in age group C, while Eleanor Paglia stood on the second step of the imaginary podium out of three couples in age group B. Amanda Sinesi became the winner of the competition with her wonderful performance in the age group A.

The third and last day of the competition featured the Smooth dances. In the 5th session of CWClassic, Lauren Paul and Irina Shapeton hit the dance floor to dazzle the audience with their beautiful moves. Special congratulations to Irina, who competed in the Silver level for the first time. She stood out extremely well in a strong field. In the single dances, she was placed by the judges first, second and third. 

Lauren Paul performed wonderfully in single dances as well. At  the end of the program, in the multi-Dance part, Laren took the prestigious second place out of 6 couples, slightly behind the first place.

The dancers of AmerigoDance take time to spend with each other in addition to their weekly program. So in the evening we went together to a nearby Japanese restaurant (Karma) to have a good chat about our experiences from the competition. Everyone had a great time, and the delicious sushi made the already intimate gathering even more pleasant.

We would also like to thank Maggie Toth (Tothalissimo) for her beautiful hairstyles and makeup and Mariam Izmaylova (Mariasha Couture) for Amanda’s and Eleanor’s dresses also thanks Jacqueline Fantuzzi (Kira Kira) who made a beautiful dance jewelry for AmerigoDance`s Students. All contributed their talent and creativity to the success of the day.

Thank you so much for the great organization!

Andrew Philips and Helle Rusholt Yi.

Congratulations to all of the AmerigoDance students.

Looking forward to meet with each other on the next competition, that is

The Boston Dancesport Cup – Latin & Ballroom Dance Competition in Wuborn MA

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