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Amerigo Dance at the DBDC a legendary celebration 2023 Night Club Session

Spectacular Amerigo Dance Performance at THE DBDC a legendary celebration Dance Competition in Boston 2023

AmerigoDance Studio recently participated in the DBDC ballroom dance competition held in Boston in the historical Boston Park Plaza on July 27th- 30th 2023. The team, consisting of AmerigoDance, Jeanie Marcus, and Eleanor Paglia and Amanda Sinesi, showcased their talent in The Real Night Club Session at Didio’s Hideaway Chicago theme on the first day of the event.

The performance of all our students was outstanding, it didn’t matter if they had to dance salsa, bachata, hustle or merengue. The fact that everyone appeared in Chicago-themed costumes created a special atmosphere for the event. In single dances, all students of AmerigoDance achieved great results. The hard work paid off. Amanda Sinesi won L-A Carribbean Mix Challenes (Sal/Bac/Mer) in her age group. The atmosphere of the competition was unforgettable, with fantastic music and a real Night Club atmosphere that added to the excitement.

During the second day of the dance competition attendees were treated to a vibrant rhythm dance style session. Among the participants were two talented students from AmerigoDance, Eleanor and Jeannie. They showcased their skills in various dances like Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, and Bolero.

Both Eleanor and Jeannie delivered exceptional performances in their respective single dances, captivating the audience with their grace and technique. It is worth mentioning that Eleanor achieved a remarkable feat by placing 4th in her multi-dance competition, showcasing her dedication and talent in ballroom dance.

The dance competition provided a platform for ballroom dancers to showcase their skills and passion for dance. AmerigoDance Studio’s participation in this event not only highlighted their dedication to their craft but also allowed them to be part of an exhilarating experience where everyone had an incredible amount of fun.

Amerigo Dance at the DBDC a legendary celebration 2023 Rhythm Session

Thanks So much the great organization for Chris Johnston and the Supeshag team.

Congratulations all of Amerigo Dance’s student.

Looking forward to meeting with each other on the next competiton, what is

The Commonwealth Classic in Burlington MA

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