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Amerigo Dance meticulously instructs wedding couples in their first dance so that they may flawlessly perform their first dance as newlyweds on that special day. It is always a great pleasure for us to help our wedding dance couple feel confident bringing their performance to life. From the cherished grand entrance to the much-anticipated wedding ceremony surrounded by stunning family members and loved ones, Amerigo Dance will be fully invested in making sure the couple’s first dance routine flows effortlessly.

From our experience, all aspects and details of a wedding ceremony are significant. Nonetheless, choosing your dance style and song for the first dance is one of utmost importance since it kicks off your wedding celebration on the right foot! On the website Inside Weddings, the article “What Wedding Dance Style is Best for Your First Dance?” presents a couple of dance styles that one might like. At Amerigo Dance, the wedding couple will be able to discuss with their instructor about all the dancing styles that will be more suitable for the specific dancing skill levels.

Amerigo Dance provides one-on-one personalized wedding dance lessons and helps customize the perfect song and choreography that fits the style of the couple best. This dedication to detail in combination with the hours of practice with the instructor will smoothly translate into an intimate presentation of love and unity on the dance floor.

If you would like additional support for your magic day, Amerigo Dance offers group lessons, social dance parties or supplementary private lessons. These options are great for wedding couples to improve their dancing skills in any social setting, especially if this would be their first-time dancing in public. The price would vary depending on the number of group classes, private lessons, or socials you would like to take on as supplementary options.

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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Wedding - Couples wedding dance lesson Boston


We recommend starting your wedding-dance lessons about six to eight weeks before your wedding date, at a time that is convenient for you both. We can also work on first dances with other family members such as the wedding couple’s parents.

Our program is flexible to suit your needs. The learning experience is fun and is a great break from all that wedding planning.

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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Wedding – Frequently Asked Questions

How many wedding dance lessons do we need?

A: It depends on many things, such as your dance experience, the time you dedicate to practicing between lessons, and the complexity of your selected choreography.
If you are new to dancing, you should start  three months before the big day and take at least 10 lessons. You can also learn some basic social dance steps, which will come in handy at the party as well.

What Shoes should I wear for my wedding dance lessons?

At the beginning you can wear something comfortable, just to get used to dancing and the moves. Make sure that the shoes you are wearing during the lessons are securely attached to your feet, avoid wearing shoes with an open back or sandals.
Later, it is recommended to switch to shoes with small heels, which will help you to make spins and turns easier, and feel similar to your wedding shoes.
For the last few dance lessons you should wear your actual wedding shoes, to get used to them and to break them in.
If you are planning to wear high heel shoes at your wedding, please be very careful during the lessons and at your wedding as well!

How long should my wedding dance last?

We recommend keeping the length of your wedding dance under 2.5 minutes. Longer shows are harder to learn, practice and remember, and it may become boring for the audience as well.
Your first dance should be between 2 to 2.5 minutes long, which is perfect for most occasions.
If the music you select is longer than that, we can create a shorter version for you, or you can ask the DJ to fade out the song.

Which song should I choose for my wedding dance?

Your wedding dance music should relate to you, and of course it has to be danceable. The perfect wedding dance show should be personal and meaningful. If you are uncertain about which song you should select for your first dance together, ask your wedding dance instructor, he will be more than happy to help you to choose!

Do we have to cut the music for our wedding dance?

At Amerigo Dance Studio the instructor will prepare the wedding dance music for you, it is included in the price.

What information should I provide for my dance instructor about my wedding dance?

To design and plan the perfect wedding dance show, you should tell everything about the event to your instructor at the beginning.
How big is the room? Where will the guest be watching you from? How many guests will attend your wedding dance? How will the bride wear her hair? What wedding dress, clothes and shoes will you wear? What type of floor will you be dancing on? Is it going to be live music or a DJ? The more information you share with your wedding dance instructor, the better he can plan your first dance.

Should we learn a dance routine for our wedding?

We recommend learning a wedding dance choreography, since it is easier and takes less time, than learning how to lead and follow, and “just dance for a while”. Also, the routine looks better, because it is designed for the music selected.

Should the bride or the groom attend extra dance lessons alone?

When one of you dances a lot better than the other, it might be a good idea for the other to take some extra dance lessons to catch up a bit.

Is there any other way to practice our wedding dance?

Amerigo Dance Studio has a party each month, which you can attend and dance in front of other people. This is a perfect dress rehearsal, and you can get used to dancing in a realistic environment and find out if something is not working perfectly.


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