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Group Ballroom  Dance Lessons Boston

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Affordable ballroom group dance classes near Boston, Framingham, Natick, Newton, Wellesley, Lexington, and Needham


Our group ballroom dance lessons offer a great opportunity to dancing in a friendly and social environment.

The adult group classes perfectly complement the private lessons and help to prepare the dancer for socials and parties.

The instructor leads the class and the students practice the various techniques of rhythm dance, which you will  be able to build on during the private lessons.

Group ballroom dance lessons near Boston

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Group ballroom dance lessons near Boston


Group dance classes are a great opportunity to practice what you have learnt during your private ballroom dance lessons in a friendly social environment.

These adult group dance lessons are perfect to polish the basic steps and techniques of various dance types and compliment your private lessons.

Please note, that althought the group ballroom dance lessons are cheaper than private lessons, but not personalized in any way and might not be usefull without the private dance lessons.

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Beginner dance classes for adults in the Greater Boston Area

Does listening to music and watching others move to the rhythm make you smile and happy? Do you feel like dancing when you hear your favorite song, but don’t know where to start? Wish you could attend social dance parties with confidence, have fun, and get to know new people? We have great news for you. It’s easier than you think.

Amerigo Ballroom Dance Studio can help you become an adept dancer within a few weeks! Join our intensive beginner ballroom dance classes for adults (21+) in Natick, near Boston! You can learn the basic steps of the most popular ballroom dances quickly, so you can attend social dance parties on your own or with your partner!

During the beginner dance class we cover the fundamentals of Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing, and teach you how to dance with a partner smoothly.

Start your dance journey with Amerigo Ballroom Dance Studio today, and discover a new world of fun, energy and social events!

    Basic information about our beginner dance classes

    • Join our beginner dance classes on your own or with a partner.
    • Special clothing or shoes are not required.
    • There is no age limit.
    • No prior dance training required. You can be an absolute beginner.
    • Lessons are held on Fridays from 7:30-8:30 PM and includes a total of 8 lessons.

    Price for beginner dance lessons

    • $159 for an individual
    • $299 for a couple (save $19)

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    The top benefits of ballroom dancing

    • Get healthier by exercising while dancing.
    • Learn a new skill which helps you to meet new people with a common interest.
    • Build endurance, flexibility and balance while dancing.
    • Reduce stress levels.
    • Have fun.

    General Rules & Regulations

    • Tuition fees are valid for the specific dance classes (8 occasions).
    • Tuition fees can be reclaimed with a doctor’s note for the missed classes.
    • Tuition fees are transferable with a written notice.


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