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Amerigo Dance at The Yankee Classic Dancesport Championships 2023

Amerigo Dance Students Compete in The Yankee Classic Dancesport Championships 2023 – A Celebration of Excellence!

Amrigo Dance’s students are proud to be representing the studio at The Yankee Classic Dancesport Championships. This is an exciting opportunity for them to showcase their hard work, dedication and skill in competitive ballroom dancing. They have been training for months to perfect their technique and choreography, and they are ready to show off what they have learned.

Our students showed off their teaching skills in 3 different styles – Rhythm, Night Club and Smooth – at The Yankee Classic. They put in a lot of hard work and dedication to prepare for the competition, and it paid off with amazing results.

The 1st day of the Yankee Classic was filled with amazing performances. In the 2nd session, our students showcased their rhythm style dances and in the 3rd session showcased their Night Club style dances did a great job!

Lauren Paul came out 2nd in bronze rhythm scholarship while Irina Shapeton came out 1st in silver scholarship. Both of them put on an impressive show of dances.

Yankee Classic’s night club session was definitely a night to remember! Amerigo Dance’s students – Irina Shapeton, Rubina Motta, Lauren Paul and Eleanor Paglia –  had a great time dancing and competing in the competition. The Yellow Team was especially enthusiastic and made the competition even more exciting. Everyone had a great time, and it was definitely one of the most fun parts of any dance competition.

The second day start with the Smooth Season, what was off to a great start with Jeniffer Labollitta competing. Jeniffer displayed her impressive skills in all the Smooth dances, and managed to come out on top in all of her single dances. She also achieved an impressive 3rd place in the silver scholarship  competition.

Congratulations all of Amerigo Dance’s student.

Looking forward to meeting with each other on the next competiton, what is

The DBDC in dwontown Boston

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